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Rider Fly Veil

Copy of Rider Fly Veil click here

Copy of Rider Fly Veil click here


Designed by Stampede Equestrian

NEW Rider Fly Veil

Our brand new exclusive product is especially designed to prevent fly's around the riders face whilst schooling and hacking, thus giving the rider better concentration and also preventing fly's from entering the eyes and mouth. The veil is easily placed round the riders hat and is attached with velcro for quick removal. The veil can be used as and when the rider needs more protection from fly's. It can be worn loose around the face for slow work, or for faster work it can be tucked underneath your chin strap and around the sides to give more protection,( illustrated in our photos). The veil does not impede the eyesight in any way and once it is on you can carry out your riding without having to waft off them irritating fly's.

*Only suitable for peaked riding hats

Hat sizes, Small from 6 3/4, 54cm downwards. Large from 7, 55cm upwards

The product comes packaged in a velvet bag for storage, and is available with a plain satin head piece, or satin with a touch of sparkle to add shimmer to your hat.



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