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High quality designer bridles, browbands and dog collars. Highest quality English leather. Stylish unique items. Fantastic service

Care of your new Product

We recommend that our braided and crystal items are cleaned carefully with a baby wipe, along with all our dazzling collars

 Crystal browbands and collars should be stored carefully. We use high quality czech crystals but appreciate little accidents can happen. Due to this, we will always include some spare crystals for you just in case. We do provide a repair service if an odd crystal comes out but we ask for postage for returns to be given.

Dog collars

We recommend dog collars are removed if your dog is playing rough, swimming, or scratching excessively, we at Stampede advise that dogs should be supervised when wearing collars, as collars can catch on fences, door handles etc, so we advise if your dog is left home alone secure to remove any collars.

All Leather should be checked on a regular basis for safety, with regards of checking stitching and keeping the leather conditioned to keep the leather preserved. The leather can be treated with a good leather oil or wax  to keep it looking good. Please ensure this is always adhered to with regular checks for the above. 

A baby wipe can be used upon the dog collars to remove any dirt.

Care of your new bridle

All Leather should be checked on a regular basis for safety, with regards of checking stitching

Clean your bridle after use with a damp cloth using clean water only, leave to dry then naturally feed the leather with suitable leather care as Sedgwicks leather dressing,  please treat the leather carefully as some solvent cleaners can damage the leather as can over oiling this product. We recommend you to feed the leather with the above and avoid oiling.  Sedgwicks leather care is the only product we recommend as it is made from all natural ingredients.

Please note we cannot accept returns where leather is damaged from harsh solvent based cleaners.

We also recommend care is taken by the customer for their new product.