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keep dogs cool in the sun

Bev Clarkson

This July must have been one of the hottest months I can remember in the UK, as much as we love the sunshine we have to take deep thought for the animal kingdom. So here is what I do with my dogs when the weather is hot.

Wake up early and go for a walk.

Keep clean fresh water available at all time, even on your walks take a water bottle and a bowl, you can now get clip on carriers with a water tray to which I took with me today.

No ball throwing or running in the hot sunshine as dogs don’t sweat like humans and can easily suffer from heat exhaustion

Check the floor with the back of your hand, cold hose flags in the garden if too hot

Try and give your dog shade where it is cooler

Cool wet towel to wipe over the dogs coat

Do not feed ice cubes these are not good for dogs

If you are travelling your dog keep the air conditioning on in transit along with a bottle of water available in your car at all times incase you break down.

HYDRATION, SHADE AND DONT OVER EXERCISE IN THE HEAT. Keep dogs indoors where it is cooler at peak times.

Lastly on a hot night I rinse out a wet towel and lay it on the bed to cool all of us down.

Update we have now had an air con fitted for the dogs so they can stay cool! KEEP COOL DOGS

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Welcome to Stampede Dog coat

Bev Clarkson

Hot product of the month, selling out fast is your dog ready to go stylish with our exercise dog coat! Keep dry and warm this season, designed for exercise remember dogs get warm once moving especially with already having a coat of hair….. these dog coats are light weight fleeced lined and not over padded to prevent dogs from getting too warm

When we exercise we dont wear the thickest jacket we have as we would have to take off layers, dogs can only pant to cool down so check the temperature outside and what activity you will be doing with your dog. Stay dry and stylish on your dog walks.

Style your dog with Stampede Equestrian