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Matchy matchy

Bev Clarkson

As a female rider it is important to me for my horses equipment to match up along with my fashion status, this has been a trend for many years now. I do however remember as a young girl with my first pony the times where colours didn’t really match and everything was standard.

For those who recall the following Jute rugs, blankets which were folded into a v shape, New Zealand rugs which were a waxy green or blue and the odd coloured polo wrap, that was it really our equestrian wardrobe was very boring, to the point I used to wear electrical tape around the bandages for a splash of colour.

As the years go by we are vastly approaching a trend within the horse Industry where fashion is now important on the yard, we are bringing the inner city style to the yard dressing to impress just like on a catwalk. This is such a joy to see horse and rider all colour co-ordinated with the mind set of looking good.

Take a look at our collection to see which colours you love and which your horse would suit.

For me this Summer I have rocked in the orange on most occasions, and for Winter the reds will be back out of the wardrobe.


When the arena is your catwalk

Be in the trend with us!